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Whether you want to keep your dog cozy during the fall or are you planning to dress your pet for an outing this weekend, worry no more. At Pet Supplies Plus in San Antonio, TX, we have a selection of top quality dog and cat clothing as well as accessories. Right from sweaters and jackets to safety vests, we have all that you need to dress up your stylish pet.

Your Pet Deserves The Best Clothes & Accessories, Always!

Pet clothes help to keep your pet warm during the chilling winter months, protect its fur and keep it clean for longer. No matter where you take your pet along, it should stay snug and look stylish all the time. At our pet store in San Antonio, you can choose from a variety of styles depending upon what your pet loves.

Coastal® and PS+ are our bestselling brands when it comes to clothing and accessories for pets. You can choose sweaters, PJs and jackets ranging from extra small to extra-large sizes. At our San Antonio based store, we even provide trendy dog boots in a variety of color and size options. The pet clothes we offer are made of breathable fabrics that will keep your pet warm while keeping it comfortable. We also ensure proper closure, preferably with velcro, buckles or elastic, to make the clothes easy to be worn.

For accessories, you can find a range of fancy neckwear, bowties, collars, scarves and headwear at the store.

Visit Pet Supplies Plus in San Antonio to shop from the widest collection of pet clothes and accessories. Call at any of our neighbor pet stores for more details.

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