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Shop from the largest selection of pet bedding in San Antonio, TX

Our pet store offers a line of comfortable and cozy bedding for all sorts of pets. Good bedding provides insulation during cold weather and cushioning to the pet’s joints. It offers an easy solution to the hassles of fur-cleaning. At our pet store in San Antonio, we showcase upscale bedding that is hypoallergenic and environment friendly. Most of these are made of washable fabrics so you can provide your pet with a tidy bed, every day.

We are pet lovers like you, hence we provide with unique and custom-made bedding for small as well as big pets. You can choose from beds in varying sizes to provide a comfortable space to your furry-friend. The bedding at our store are odor-free and non-toxic so you can rest assured that your pet is absolutely safe.

Our pet bedding come in a number of shapes as well as styles and is suitable for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles etc. You can choose from rectangular, round, oval and hooded beds to suit your pet’s size and sleeping style.

Buy Comfortable Beds For Older Dogs

One of the most attractive options available at our pet store is the Ortho-Napper by Roscoe that provides comfortable sleeping space for older dogs. These beds are super-comfy and warm to help the dog get a good-night’s sleep. Other bedding brands available at Pet Supplies Plus are Missy, JLA, K&H Pet Products and PS+.

For pet birds, we offer a range of nesting material and eco-friendly bedding by Fibercore, eCOTRITION and Prevue Pet Products. You can also buy reptile bedding such as hermit soil, moss as well as sand from brands like Zoo Med and Zilla.

Other Services Offered At Pet Supplies Plus, San Antonio

Pet parents can also avail various grooming services at our stores. These include self-service dog wash, dental care, nail clipping, flea treatments etc. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call at any of your neighborhood pet stores in San Antonio.

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