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Fish Food At Pet Supplies Plus

At Pet Supplies Plus, we understand that wholesome diet is essential for the health of every pet, including fish. With an aim to bring out the natural colors and to ensure active swimming of your fish, we offer nutritious food products from brands such as TetraMin, API®, Omega One and Aqueon. The fish food at our store are of premium quality, easy to digest and contain no artificial colors.

Dry Fish Food In San Antonio

Pet parents in San Antonio can opt for dry food which are made of natural ingredients to keep fish energetic. Tropical Flakes are thoroughly baked to remove any traces of moisture and has a longer shelf life. You can also shop from an array of other fish food items such as pellets, granules, sticks, crisps and wafers. The staff at our pet store will help you to choose the most appropriate food products depending on the type of fish you have – saltwater, freshwater, bottom-feeding or algae eating. You can also opt for food blocks to ensure that your fish are adequately fed even in your absence.

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Pet Supplies Plus is one-stop shop for all of your fish care needs. Right from fish food products and medications to aquariums and filters, our store has them all. For any inquiries, feel free to call us at any of our pet stores in San Antonio.

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