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Pet Supplies Plus is a renowned pet store in San Antonio, TX offering a wide range of bird food products. We provide a complete line of pelleted food products that are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. At our store, pet parents can find all types of pet food and feeding supplies from reputed brands such as Kaytee. We house only optimum bird food products that are completely safe and healthy for your pet. Go through our website to explore the bird seed mixes we have in store for you.

Variety Of Bird Food At Pet Supplies Plus

When it comes to quality ingredients for bird food, Kaytee is a preferred choice of most pet parents in San Antonio. The brand offers a balanced blend of seeds such as black-oil sunflower seeds, millets, oats, peanuts etc. If you have doves, quails and sparrows, you can also opt for Cracked Corn, a high-energy pet food offered by Kaytee. Visit our pet store in San Antonio to shop from an array of bird food products and treats.

High Quality Food For All Kinds Of Birds

If you love to feed garden birds, high energy sprinkles and fruity nibbles are a must-buy. The pet products are packaged in a completely hygienic environment to foster the well-being of all kinds of birds – wild as well as caged. For more information about our pet food products, call Pet Supplies Plus at any of our locations in San Antonio.

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